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About Us

We focus on both commercial and single-house construction management

Vanhome Construction Ltd. is a construction company based in Vancouver with a focus on both commercial and single-house construction management. In the past ten years, Vanhome has invested and constructed many projects in BC, such as 10,000-square-foot mansions, condos, townhouses, senior apartments, etc. Besides its wide range of experience in construction, Vanhome also has its building materials procurement channels all around the world. This is what makes Vanhome distinguished in the local market. We can build more cost-effectively than what the local Canadian market can offer by utilizing global resources. Our goal is to build high-quality but low-cost projects while meeting the market demands. we always take customers’ and the market’s concerns into our considerations. We will do our best to build more outstanding projects and set up the new cost-efficiency standard for the local construction industry.

Vanhome believes having the “triple-win” value (you win, I win, everyone wins!) is how we can make a long-lasting business.



The services we can provide

One-stop service from site selection to design, from construction to occupancy

1) Help introduce excellent real estate brokerage companies to purchase the land that satisfies clients’ needs (free)

2) Design according to the nature of the land (geological exploration, environmental assessment, architectural design, interior design, structural design, etc.)

3) Help to apply for the building permit from the government

4) Develop a budget plan according to the design (a detailed budget plan will be provided free of charge after signing the construction contract)

5) Purchase all the required construction insurances on the client’s behalf to ensure the safety of the project

6) Find and select suitable construction companies or personnel based on the design plan to carry out the construction and apply to the government for inspections. We will be with you until the completion of the project, pass the government’s inspections and receive the occupancy permits.

7) Help introduce excellent real estate brokerage companies to proceed with the sales of the project (upon client’s request)

Our service plans


Vanhome will collect the total construction cost of the project and complete the all-inclusive construction according to the construction cost confirmed by the customer.

Management Fee-Only

Vanhome will only charge the management fee. The customer needs to purchase materials by themselves, as well as pay the labour and other costs of the construction on their own.

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